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The red bayberry genome and genetic basis of sex determination


Hui-Min Jia, Hui-Juan Jia, Qing-Le Cai    


Morella rubra, red bayberry, is an economically important fruit tree in south China. Here, we assembled         the first high‐quality genome for both a female and a male individual of red bayberry.         The genome size was 313‐Mb, and 90% sequences were assembled into eight pseudo chromosome         molecules, with 32,493 predicted genes. By whole genome comparison between the female         and male and association analysis with sequences of bulked and individual DNA samples from female and male, a 59‐Kb region determining female was identified and         located on distal end of pseudo‐chromosome 8, which contains abundant transposable         element and seven putative genes, four of them are related to sex floral development.         This 59‐Kb female specific region was likely to be derived from duplication and rearrangement         of paralogous genes and retained non‐recombinant in the female specific region. Sex‐specific         molecular markers developed from candidate genes co‐segregated with sex in a genetically         diverse female and male germplasm. We propose sex determination follow the ZW‐model of female heterogamety. The genome sequence of red bayberry provides a valuable         resource for plant sex chromosome evolution and also provides important insights for         molecular biology, genetics and modern breeding in Myricaceae family. 



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